10+ Best Mobile App Development Companies To Hire In 2019

These days, ground-breaking yet quirky mobile app15s are being necessitated in every organization and app users crave for apps that offer modern UI and UX. They ask for apps that are rich in novel features in addition to the fusion of state-of-art technologies. Modern elements in apps such as mapping and location recognition, real-time reports, data synchronization over platforms and data capture are frequently demanded by major firms.

Choosing the right company out of thousands of mobile and web app developers in the pool is a pricey procedure. In spite of that painful effort, you also need to convey your business requirements to them and only after they concur, you will gain the right mobile app policy eventually for your company.

In this article, we have unveiled a list of top mobile app developers which offer you services employing modern methodologies and techniques delivering fine mobile app solutions driven by inspiration and innovation. These trend-setters are rated the best among mobile app developers, providing exceptional solutions to businesses of all types.


Established in 2006, Sourcebits was ranked second only due to its creative business strategies and commanding agile application development. The team here believes delivering an exquisite and first-rate user experience is the key to being the best among the rest. Speaking of its team, the smart and creative specialists here have been delivering stunning applications to the most prestigious brands since 2006.



Apptology is a California-based award-winning agency with a spirit of being the best ever mobile app development company in the world. Apptology aims to serve all sorts of sectranging from ors healthcare to finance  to engineering. The web and mobile projects undertaken by this agency are designed and developed by skilled men for major enterprises. The apps created by this mobile app developer were among the first to dominate the App Stores.


Their perfection in the design and development of apps reflects on the quality of apps they create. Engineered to excellence, these apps are reviewed to be reliable, graceful, enchanting and easy to use. Omega-R craft original digital solutions emphasizing the need of mobile app solutions today, backed with responsive web and effective UX design and. They provide services worldwide for various business requirements demanded by major firms.


From an Idea to an MVP, from the MVP to the Product. A fully accustomed team for all of your technical needs. Huge coverage that ranges from delivering custom tailored apps to big data and machine learning depositories. Itexus is the place where flexibility to the client is the key to creating the perfect solution.

Eight Bit Studios

This award winning mobile app developer from Chicago has been earning its standing by collaborating with brands like Groupon and Hasbro. Theyspring uptheirmagic with a vibrantblend of UX, Design, and Tech.Do not rate this establishment as a design firm, dev shop, or UX agency. They are uniquely distinguished from others as a studio perfecting these services with remarkable project management as a bonus point.

Y Media Labs

The 200+ products delivered by this giant since 2009, it stays as the runner up in this list. Developing solutions for standard brands like EMC, PayPal and Staples, their team of over 170 employees make them powerful and prevailing over other mobile app development companies. They have changed the perspective of how one must see the mobile industry by advancing further and providing top-notch user experiences. Consequently, they have managed to set a benchmark as a successfulleader in the market.


Fuzz is a popular name heard as a top mobile app developer that develops cutting-edge business solutions. It is proficient in the design process of appropriate product environments for its partners and clients. Its powerful team consists of considerate professionals completely engaging themselves in the development of apps via a multi-disciplinary approach that necessarily benefits their client in many ways.


As popular as it is in the market, the strong portfolio of this big daddy speaks for itself: Harley Davidson, the London Stock Exchange and Nestle. Offering high-tech mobile solutions for large companies, IntellectSoft works with most of the platforms including iOS, Android and hybrid apps. If you want to develop a mobile-compatible e-commerce platform for providing ease of access to your clients who are accustomed to self-service on mobile platforms, Intellectsoft is the company you ought to pick.


MentorMate is full-time mobile app development company who make brands stand out positively.They additionally provide technical know-how and valuable assistance on their website equipped with a wide knowledge base. Their chief customers include Thomson Reuters and Braun. ‘Think big, design smart and develop fast’ is their key to being what they are today. They aim at creating engaging experiences for all screens, projects and teams and subsequently meet business needs in different sectors such as commerce, finance, engineering, digital health and more.


Mubaloo is a tech giant with offices in Germany, the US and the UK.It is an ever-growing firm with a wide reach, offering support and post-launch care in addition to the development of the product and consultation. Through the deployment ofunrivaled mobile applications, they seek to help companies evolve in their business processes.


A Singapore-based mobile app developer with offices covering the entire globe, AppStudioz with its robust team of 200, has successfully accomplished on developing and delivering more than 1400 apps till date.This tech-obsessed agency has got all its skills packed in the field of app development for most popular mobile OS. Their compulsive portfolio and offered array of categories to be posted on the App Store would suffice to captivate you.


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