10 Best Time Tracking Apps To Boost Up Your Productivity [2019]

There are best time tracking apps available in the market and yet people procrastinate things, and find difficulty in managing projects, and scheduling on time. Do you feel worried whether your time is not getting well spent? We have compiled the list of best online time tracking apps.Choose your online time tracker and choose to spend your time wisely.

The best online time tracking apps available are as follows-


One thing that makes Toggl one of the best online time tracking apps is its intuitive dashboard. On top of that, Toggle enables a user to create as many project lists as possible. If you want to allocate different clients as per different projects, you can do that as well. You can also add sub-projects and set billable rates for each. Toggle also allows a user to change his timesheet to other formats like pdf, and excel.


TimePanther is a an easy to use and spontaneous free online time tracking app that lets you track time, projects and team performance efficiently in an intuitive manner. It is perhaps one of the best time tracking solutions that consists of well-designed intuitive time tracking system which is most suited for professionals and freelancers who want to handle solo projects.



Twproject is a simple to use web-based time tracking and project management software, which is a perfect choice for mid-sized and large corporations. It is the right choice if you are looking for a solution to ease your day to day project and time management woes. Twproject easily adapts to your work style quickly, and allows you to log time in many different ways, thus reducing all additional efforts.


GetChime is also one of the best time tracking apps. GetChime has an interface that will appeal to artists especially because of its stylish design. In terms of features also GetChime is no less that a humdinger with ability to track billable hours, unbillable hours, and consists of inbuilt messaging functionality to keep users connected with their associates.


Tick offers many great features with an extremely useful add-on known as Time Budgeting. It is available at a starting cost of $19 for 10 open projects. Time Budgeting helps you schedule every task and project and set time budgets so that every project delivery meets the deadline.


Clockodo is perhaps one of the best online time tracking apps that consists of well-designed intuitive time tracking system. Clockodo is accessible from mobiles through its app as well as desktop browsers. Clockodo enables you to create and send customised reports. If you fear losing the track of your every tasks, you can back-up your to-do lists so that your schedule remains intact even if you lose the file of current tasks.



actiTIME is a robust time-tracking application for businesses of any size. Accessible from anywhere, easy and intuitive, the app offers work and leave time-tracking, work management and billing functionality.Detailed reports help understand the dynamics of teams’ performance, analyze project profitability, calculate leave time & time-off balances, and more. Customize the system according to your company’s specific needs and enjoy effortless time-tracking!


Hours is one of the latest online time tracking apps. Its intuitive abilities make Hours a useful online time tracker that also provides a sleek interface.


CloudTimr is also one of the best time tracking apps that is cloud based. It has a handy dashboard that is easy to use and enables project creation and tracking.


Jiffy’s unique features make it a standalone online tracker providing an intuitive dashboard that is mobile optimised.


Online time tracking apps offer the easiest way to delegate work load. Online trackers supports time management- that is you spend your time wisely. There are different online time tracking apps to assist you in manage work deadlines and project deliverable seamlessly. Each app has its own set of features and benefits. Your selection of the best app is based on the kind of workflow you manage. It depends how you want to use the time tracker; do you need an app to enhance visual appeal then Hours is good for you but if you need something to manage every step of a project from start to stop at the ease of a click, Jiffy may be your choice. In any case, let us know about your favourite online time tracking app and why you like it in the comments below.


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