How JS & CSS3 Extends Visual Effect On Websites

Designers always find out the new ways to make their websites look stunning. If you too are among them, here mentioned tips on how to add stunning effect to websites using JS and CSS3 would definitely help you out. Read our upcoming segment to know more!

Parallax Effect

The parallax effect was highly seen in the video games from couple of years, and it has become quite a popular trend in web design arena. The term parallax has been derived from Parallaxis, which is a Greek term and means ‘Alteration’. Multiple backgrounds are used that appears to move at different frequency and creates a faux 3D effect and a sensation of depth. This results in an attractive browsing experience. It can commonly be seen in scrolling feature of the trendy web pages. Due to the fact that nearby objects have larger parallaxes than the distant objects, this theory is implemented to determine distances.

Semi-circular Navigation Bar

These stylish semicircular menus helps showcase a number of menus. Social Media sharing links can be seen easily on many websites, represented by semicircular menus. Modern designers use these menus too display regular menus on the websites as they are highly versatile. From social media sharing buttons and music console to the profile icons and primary menus these semi circular navigation menus control the website with a consistent functionality. Moreover, if you do not want to put efforts to create these menus, there are a number of online resources from where these menus can be downloaded for free.

Slider Login Form

The slider login form displays detailed menus on the same page once you login using personal credentials. The page just reveals more content by asking a bit of more information about the users, but they are not annoying at the same. They are not annoying but show consistency throughout. While designing websites with minimal design elements, it serves as an ultimate option as these helps cutting down space as well.

Coverflow Effect

Inspired from the Apple or Mac display, the coverflow effect is used mainly on book based websites as it makes every miniature thing prominent. This effect is very common in accessing images as they look trendy. This effect showcase a large number of items such as the book cover and one can swipe either right or left to access the cover. It will then display a pop-up details and a desired one can be selected thereafter.

Snow Themed Effects

Snow themed effects can be provided to the websites especially if they are dedicated to Christmas or any hill station. Three different graphics of ‘Snow’ are required to create snow themed effect. Next, it requires defining ‘Keyframe’ which is important for background animation. ‘Snow’ keyframe will then move the background over each other in an independent manner with different frequency. This creates an outstanding effect of snowfall. By modifying the keyframe position at 100%, the direction and speed of the snowflakes can be changed. At last, complete the animation by adding keyframe to the style fortag.

Mega Menus

Mostly seen on the ecommerce websites, the Mega menu is an appropriate option for portals that needs to define a large number of categories on the landing page itself. This prevents adding crowded menu bars on the website that sometimes annoy the visitors.


Grid gallery is the next big thing, especially for the photography portal or even for personal blogs. This is something you must add not just on the client’s website, but yours too.

Accordion Gallery

An image is worth thousand words, this phrase is undoubtedly true as Accordion Gallery catch user attention through attractive appearance that it gives to the website. Moreover, designers do not have to work hard to get one as Accordion Gallery plugin is available for free and can be added to the websites.

The design effects mentioned in this article will help you get amazing design ideas and you can add them to your digital artworks as per requirements.

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