10 Modern Mobile App Navigation Design Examples

You can see Mobile Navigation designs in many different forms and shapes in many different apps. If all mobile navigation systems follow the same pattern, it would be more convenient for users to understand but the actuality is not so simple.

Unlike apps present unique problems that can be solved using navigation design. For example, an app with nine or ten primary menu items would possibly employ a hamburger approach. An app with four menu items would expect to implement a tab bar of arrangement.

Besides this, there is basically the clash between Android OS and iOS, while ex- suggests hamburger navigations and top tab bars Vs. bottom tap bars.

The good thing is we notice some outstanding improvement in navigation design, where designers are looking for a resolution which best fits their product/ services and users. In this article, we are going to see some most recent and premium examples of mobile app navigation designs.

Bottom Navigation

Side Menu Navigation

Pub Guide

Reach Navigation Search

Bottom Navigation

Google Newsstand Navigation

Overview Navigation

Side Navigation

Interaction Navigation

Colorful Navigation

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